Laser Therapy

Drug-Free Pain Relief? Sign me up!

Laser Therapy is a non-invasive therapy used here at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center for pain relief and healing. Laser therapy is the use of laser light to stimulate biological processes that lead to faster healing and pain relief. Lasers used for therapy use much less power than surgical lasers, and the beneficial effects come not from heat, but from the stimulation of the body’s natural healing processes. Like plants absorbing sunlight through photosynthesis, the cells in the body absorb laser energy. This stimulates the body to release its own pain relieving chemical compounds.

Sounds compelling, but is there any scientific evidence of effectiveness of laser therapy?

There are thousands of studies over the last 40 years demonstrating beneficial effects of laser therapy on a wide range of conditions: wound healing, nerve regeneration, reduction in edema, pain relief, and anti-microbial properties, for example. Laser therapy has also been approved by the U.S. FDA and many international health agencies for use on human patients.

What conditions can laser therapy treat?

Any condition that causes swelling and pain can be treated with laser, including, but not limited to:

*Post-surgical Pain Management

*Wound Healing

*Lick Granulomas

*Neurologic Injury


*Muscle Tears

*Dental Procedures

*Trauma & Bruising


*Tendon & Ligament Tears

*Intervertebral Disc Disease


Will my pet feel anything during a laser therapy treatment?

Nope! Your pet will need to sit, stand, or lay still, but laser therapy is completely painless.  Human patients will often say they feel a pleasant tingling at the treatment site, but laser therapy causes no heating or burning.   Soon after the first treatment, your pet may move with less pain or have a more relaxed stride and better range of motion.  The healing process begins right away, with the best effects after several treatments.


How often should I bring my pet in for treatments?

While some conditions can be resolved with just a few treatments, it is not unusual for a chronic condition to require a number of treatments over a period of several weeks. Typically treatments are more frequent at the beginning and will taper down in frequency to maintain treatment objectives. A booster schedule may then be established based on your pet’s needs, or we may recommend home laser treatments in certain cases. Treatments last 3 minutes for each affected area and are frequently conducted in conjunction with other forms of rehabilitation therapy, such as acupuncture, chiropractic, massage, ice, TENS, and joint mobilization.

To learn more about laser therapy and set up an appointment for your pet, visit us at or call us a 515-274-3811.

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