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Feline Wellness in Waukee IA

Keeping your cat healthy for life is our priority! The professional veterinary team at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center of Waukee has the education and experience to advance the health and wellness of your beloved kitten or cat. We will do everything we can to improve and maintain the quality of your cat’s health.

During your cat’s lifetime, your best friend will need veterinary care to keep him or her healthy and active. Our unique approach to veterinary care combines modern veterinary medicine with holistic and alternative therapies. This gives us a greater number of options to prevent and treat diseases than would be possible utilizing one system of veterinary medicine alone.

Our feline wellness care includes:

All our services here at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center of Waukee are designed to treat your pet’s body, mind and spirit as a whole when designing a treatment plan for your cat. We look forward to seeing you and your cat at their next exam!

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Animal Hospital in
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