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Pet Surgery

Veterinary Surgical Procedures

The veterinarians at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center provide high quality surgical services for our patients.

We use the best anesthetics; the same ones that are used in humans, including the best gas inhalation anesthetic, Sevoflurane. We utilize anesthetic monitoring equipment, monitoring your pet’s heart rate and oxygen saturation during anesthesia. One of our qualified veterinary staff is present at all times to assist the veterinarian performing the surgery. Your pet is always being monitored and is cared for as though he/she were our own.

We regularly perform surgeries such as ovariohysterectomy (spay), castration (neuter), abdominal exploratory (as for foreign body ingestion and obstruction, urinary bladder stone removal, etc.). We also do “lumpectomies,” or mass removals.

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center is also pleased to offer cryosurgery, a type of surgery that uses liquid nitrogen. Cryosurgery’s most common application is to remove small warts or small masses. This can often times be done on an outpatient basis, right in the examination room!

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center also occasionally employs a visiting board-certified veterinary surgeon. This veterinarian can perform much more intricate surgeries such as orthopedic surgery and specialized abdominal surgeries, to name just two. That means that your pet can be cared for entirely by the compassionate team at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center.

Please call us to learn more about the various surgical services we offer, or to learn more about what to expect during your pet’s procedure.