Periodontal disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats

Did you know that the bacteria associated with periodontal disease may cause damage to the kidneys, liver and heart?  It is easy to prevent this from happening with routine care in between professional dental cleanings.  Performing routine care at home will help protect your pet from developing increasingly serious stages of periodontal disease.

There are four stages within periodontal disease:

Stage 1: Gingivitis -You will see inflamed or swollen gums at the top of the tooth.  Plaque covers the tooth.

Stage 2: Early periodontitis – the entire gum itself is swollen, the pet’s mouth seems painful and bad breath is very noticeable.

Stage 3: Moderate periodontitis – infection and calculus are now actively destroying the gum.  Gums appear bright red and possibly bleed very easily.  This is the point where the pet’s mouth may be very sore and the disease can start affecting eating and behavior.

Stage 4: Advanced periodontitis – this includes the chronic bacterial infection which is destroying the gums, teeth, and even the bone.  Bacteria may be spreading at this point through the blood stream, reaching the kidneys, liver and heart.

We want to make sure that your pet’s teeth do not progress past stages 1 and 2.  This is where prevention becomes important.  Home care is essential to maintain oral health for your fur babies.  The #1 prevention is, of course, the brushing technique.  Other preventions include products like Healthy Mouth, which comes in a liquid, gel or a flush form for your and your pet’s convenience.  All of these products work on your pet’s teeth to wick away bacteria to prevent buildup, ensuring and helping to maintain a healthy mouth.

Here at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center, we support “Dental Month” year round by providing reasonably priced dental packages for stages 1 and 2.  These packages are approximately 30% off of regular pricing!  Did you know this includes pre-anesthetic lab work, a pre-surgical examination, IV fluids, full mouth radiographs and a professional dental cleaning?!  We also go the extra mile to give a $20 credit/incentive if you perform pre-anesthetic lab work early!

We truly care for your pet’s health, so please give us a call today for a free dental exam.  Let’s “flip the lip” today and see what grade of periodontal disease your pet may have!

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