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Amazing Cases at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Acupuncture saves Gypsy the cat and gives her a better quality of life

Gypsy is a rescued kitty that was found emaciated and abused. She was nursed back to health and was brought into our home. She was very shy and shut down for awhile but her personality is shining through! After a year of having her we rescued another kitty and she has a brother now! They love each other so much. After two years of having Gypsy she started limping and soon couldn't walk on her back legs. She was hospitalized and put on medication for pain. She had X-rays and it showed that she has fused vertebrate. The doctor had never seen an X-ray like that before and wondered if she was hit by a car when she was homeless or that it is congenital. We struggled with the thought of her life and suffering. We were recommended to try acupuncture and laser therapy for her pain. Once we started we noticed how relaxed she became. Eventually we had her weaned off all medications! Acupuncture saved her and gave her a better quality of life! She walks normally now and loves to run and play! Gypsy is a completely different cat now. Thank you to all the wonderful staff at the Wellness Center!