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Amazing Cases at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Michelle Hanlon and Jasmine, an 8 year old Domestic Longhair

In April 2011, I took my beloved 6 year old cat, Jasmine, to her vet group after she became suddenly ill, weak and was hardly eating.

Labwork was completed and I was told that she was in renal (kidney) failure. The vet suggested, to prolong her life, they could hospitalize her and give her IV fluids, he believed this would still only give her months to live. I knew the hospitalization in itself would be traumatic for her, so I declined and expected she would die within weeks.

The next day I faxed her labs to Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center and asked if Dr. Van believed there was anything he could do for her. After looking at the labwork, he said to bring her in for an examination. The following day Jasmine and I met Dr. Van and his staff. He told me they don’t see cats living with lab results like Jasmine’s. He explained the link to poor quality food and renal failure. He continued by educating me on the importance of quality and grain-free wet cat food for good health. As Dr. Van did a laser acupuncture treatment, he told me of the success he has had with the laser unit. This was completely non-invasive and Jasmine had no discomfort. After the treatment, they shaved her belly so I could use a daily transdermal spray of a blend of Chinese herbs that Dr. Van had developed with the help of a pharmacist. Finally, they did subcutaneous fluids to help with her dehydration.

During the drive home, I felt blessed…and wondered what the odds were that the vet who had developed the herb spray, and who had a high-end laser acupuncture unit, practices in my neighborhood! I prayed that Jasmine would get well.

Jasmine’s improvement was quick and miraculous. Weeks later she had regained much of her lost weight and appeared perfectly healthy.

That fall, when Dr. Van retired and sold his practice to Dr. Wilke, I was completely content with our continued care, treatment and Dr. Wilke’s knowledge and interaction with Jasmine (even when Jasmine growls at her!). Dr. Wilke and her staff are highly knowledgeable, caring, compassionate, personable, competent, always seem to enjoy their work and are loving to the animals. I like them all very much, and greatly appreciate all the care and kindness they give to Jasmine. I have recommended Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center to many , whether they need routine care or treatment for an illness.

Sincerely and with great appreciation,

Michelle Hanlon