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Amazing Cases at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Bill and Diane Ackerman with Sophie, an 8 year old Labrador Retriever

Our 8 year old dog, Sophie, had been battling a weight problem for years before she was finally diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Medication for the thyroid problem helped restore her energy, but she was still tipping the scales at well over 100 pounds and was having difficulty taking her daily walks – even a leisurely 20 minute walk left her panting and whimpering from pain.

We decided to try acupuncture to help her get moving again. We sought help at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center. After just a few weeks of treatment and dietary changes under Dr. Wilke’s care, Sophie’s pain seemed to be gone and she gradually began to lose the extra weight and enjoy her walks again.

Six months later, she has shed more than 40 pounds, reaching her ideal weight, her overall health is excellent and her coat has gone from dull and thin to shiny and full. Best of all, she is now able to run and play at the dog parks with dogs half her age.

We are amazed and grateful to Dr. Wilke and her staff for helping Sophie get her life back!

Bill, Diane and Sophie