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Amazing Cases at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

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Bee White with Baxter, a 15 year old Domestic Shorthair

Hi! My name is Bee, and my best friend is a 15 year old cat named Baxter. About two years ago I noticed that Baxter had slowed down a bit and had developed a slight limp. He was sleeping most of the day and wasn’t coming out of his room to do his routine house “keeping.” I had decided that Baxter was just aging and needed more rest, but when he started vomiting and losing interest in his food, I knew something was wrong!

I thought Baxter may have a terrible case of arthritis and the thought of him being in that much pain almost drove me to the sanitarium! We went to see his previous veterinarian and they told me to keep him comfortable and basically expect the worst. But I wasn’t willing to give up on my baby yet!

I grew up in Beaverdale and often drove past Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center. I gave them a call and they got Baxter in right away for an assessment. Dr. Wilke agreed my Baxter was in pretty bad shape, but we had options. She explained it would be a process and also where we would begin.

We started with acupuncture and a couple of medications to get Baxter’s appetite and strength back. Then she tested him for the underlying causes of his symptoms. Through Dr. Wilke and her staff’s hard work and devotion, Baxter was diagnosed with insulin dependent diabetes, irritable bowel syndrome, arthritis and “cat scratch fever,” ALL treatable! Even though I was a complete mess myself, we were always welcome with any questions or concerns along our journey.

Almost two years later, I have my precious friend by my side, constantly purring and eagerly awaiting his 16th birthday! I will be forever grateful to Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center for giving me more (quality) time with my best friend!

Bee and Baxter