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Amazing Cases at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Pooh the Cat, Thyroid and Arthitis Issues

We brought our now 17 year old tuxedo cat, Pooh, to Dr. Wilke a few years ago after a recommendation from a great friend. He had thyroid issues along with arthritis and a pulling hair (his). He started having laser treatments for his arthritis and well being. His thyroid is currently under control (knock wood) and he only has one semi bald spot from hair pulling. Pooh is still creaky but at 17 but I guess he has earned the right. He loves Dr. Wilke, Hannah and all who make over him at the ...

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Acupuncture saves Gypsy the cat and gives her a better quality of life

Gypsy is a rescued kitty that was found emaciated and abused. She was nursed back to health and was brought into our home. She was very shy and shut down for awhile but her personality is shining through! After a year of having her we rescued another kitty and she has a brother now! They love each other so much. After two years of having Gypsy she started limping and soon couldn't walk on her back legs. She was hospitalized and put on medication for pain. She had X-rays and it showed that sh...

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Laser therapy and Acupuncture

I recently started taking my 3 pets to IVWC after moving from Norwalk to Des Moines. Several friends recommended Dr. Wilke and staff. My 14 year old lab mix was losing weight, having urinary incontinence, and trouble walking. Dr. Wilke did a full blood workup, started my dog on bladder strength herbs, and took xrays. The xrays showed the need for laser therapy and acupuncture. We started treatments in May, and now, in November, people can't believe that my 14 year old dog is 14! She's wa...

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Amanda Hentges and Jersey, a 3 year old Pit Bull Terrier

Jersey is a 3 and ½ year old Pit Bull Terrier. She’s my pound puppy that I adopted out of a shelter 3 years ago as an unclaimed stray. About a year ago, Jersey came down with a seemingly devastating and rare auto-immune disease called Masticatory Muscle Myositis. It’s a mouth full, but basically it meant her immune system was attacking and killing the facial muscles that are in charge of chewing. The exact cause of the disease is unknown. Jersey had lost most of the functio...

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Patti Brown and Moose, an 8 year old Bernese Mountain Dog

Some friends of ours referred us to Dr. Wilke. Moose, our 8 year old Bernese Mountain Dog, had ruptured his left rear cruciate ligament at age 7. The typical way that vets deal with a ruptured cruciate ligament is surgery. Moose was recovering from having his spleen removed and we did not want him to also have to deal with an additional surgery. We decided first to try laser acupuncture. In addition, Dr. Wilke suggested Prolotherapy, also known as “proliferative therapy,” “r...

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Sandra Montgomery and Laddie, an 11 year old Shetland Sheepdog

Our Sheltie, Laddie, has been coming to the clinic for 3+ years to receive acupuncture treatments for arthritis. I believe his treatments have been the most successful thing we have done for him to treat this problem and we have done it ALL! Forever grateful for the great care! I am also drawn to this clinic for their progressive thinking and approach to reduced vaccination schedules....

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Michon and Darren Hemmen with Sammy, an 8 year old Dachshund

Sammy, our beloved baby weiner dog, came into our lives with a basically unknown history and age. We were delighted to give him a wonderful home and love him. Never having had a weiner dog before, we weren’t prepared for the back problems that sometimes come. While taking our Sammy for a walk one morning, it became apparent that he was having back pain. By the time we got home, it was clear that he had progressed into a neurologic back emergency. Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center was so k...

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Bill and Diane Ackerman with Sophie, an 8 year old Labrador Retriever

Our 8 year old dog, Sophie, had been battling a weight problem for years before she was finally diagnosed with an underactive thyroid. Medication for the thyroid problem helped restore her energy, but she was still tipping the scales at well over 100 pounds and was having difficulty taking her daily walks – even a leisurely 20 minute walk left her panting and whimpering from pain. We decided to try acupuncture to help her get moving again. We sought help at Iowa Veterinary Wellness Cent...

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Michelle Hanlon and Jasmine, an 8 year old Domestic Longhair

In April 2011, I took my beloved 6 year old cat, Jasmine, to her vet group after she became suddenly ill, weak and was hardly eating. Labwork was completed and I was told that she was in renal (kidney) failure. The vet suggested, to prolong her life, they could hospitalize her and give her IV fluids, he believed this would still only give her months to live. I knew the hospitalization in itself would be traumatic for her, so I declined and expected she would die within weeks. The next day ...

Iowa Veterinary Wellness Center

Bee White with Baxter, a 15 year old Domestic Shorthair

Hi! My name is Bee, and my best friend is a 15 year old cat named Baxter. About two years ago I noticed that Baxter had slowed down a bit and had developed a slight limp. He was sleeping most of the day and wasn’t coming out of his room to do his routine house “keeping.” I had decided that Baxter was just aging and needed more rest, but when he started vomiting and losing interest in his food, I knew something was wrong! I thought Baxter may have a terrible case of arthritis...